Wednesday, December 29, 2010

face#10: door latch

Today I feel happy. I just got back home, Italy. I thought this one face would really express my emotions that I have here. When I arrive I feel as if I were a different person. A different me comes out the true me. The one that isn't afraid to wear glasses. The one that has a true sense of humour. I can do anything I want because I have no fear here. I don't care about anything that anyone wants to tell me good or bad, even though I do prefer the good. It feels like a dream. I can sing along to all my favourite artists (Phoenix, Death Cap for Cutie, Coldplay, Anything 80's). But yet the fantasy has to end at some point. My dads new job only lets allow 2 weeks in Italy a year, but then I need a reality check and I do notice that some people have to stay also less, I can truly see how lucky I am. I would do anything to stay, but I must go home soon. :( I honestly have my true apologies about not posting for a very long period of time, but I had some problems with Blogger and uploading the video that I wanted to share. Anyway the video link is below.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

face#9: rhino dude

A guy got shot in the head in the block I live today, so I'm terrified. Done with homework and still scare, so I decided to post on my blog since it has been a while since the last time. This is out lock on the door of our condo. I especially like this one because it's double-sided, or should I say double-faces. It can turn from the rhino what I showed you and turn the knob and you get an elephant, but I decided not to show you that. Time for dinner. Write to you next time.


Monday, October 18, 2010

face#8: one eyed suitcase monster

...buying converse, posting blogs, finishing my book, eating burgers at pop. This is some suitcase I found at home, not sure where I found it or how, but I did. I love how the latch is his eye and the bamboo handle is his mouth. I hurt my feet by walking so I thought I'd use this face to show you because there is nothing that resembles walking. I can barley walk because I wore out and hurt my heel wearing too small shoes. It's not like lets go to the hospital type thing, but more like owww and you can't walk. So I'm dragging myself everywhere in the hotel room and personally I don't even know how long it took me to get up on this chair. Anyway enough about my life and more about the face. I really like this one for how it's not the typical smiley or frowney face. While , yes it is smiling it only does have ONE EYE!!!!I have one with one tooth I want to show too, maybe that will be on my next post.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

face#7: the octopus of the dressing room

Hello form New York City!!! My four day vacation may be going by fast, but I'm having a blast. I decided to take this picture because it was something I had stored away for a while. I was at a store, wait I remember, it was Abercrombie Kids. I was trying a lot of cute stuff on, when it struck me, the hook on the dressing room door was an octopus. I thought it was really cool. I know of another hook that looks like a dog face, but I'm having trouble finding it, but my best friend Kitty was a pic, so she could give it to me. This octopus might look like it has two arms, but the rest are behind those two. I found lots of faces in New York and I can't wait to show it to you guys. I have to go, Central Park, MoMa museum, rockfeller Center.....


Friday, October 8, 2010

face#6: smiley face bag

Sorry I have not posted lately, but I had some trouble getting blogger to work on my computer. This here that you see on your computer screen is a blog and a picture of a bag. A normal paper bag that you get when you buy clothes at a store outside. Now many of you might just see a bag, but my eyes see a face. A face of happiness, joyful and simple. When I saw this I immediately thought to put this on my blog, but with the whole procedure I do to my pictures from the camera to computer to photoshop to blog it takes sometime and I lately had a bad case of writers and photographers block. I had found some easy ways to get inspired like watching this american express commercial on youtube and following this blog which is very similar to mine. When I started this I felt like the only one who had thought to make a blog about hidden faces until my the day I got an e-mail from a friend to see a blog called faces in places. That's when I started to get discouraged on how he has 3,279 followers, a book that is sold on, many comments, and everyday posts, I have 1 follower, no book, and 3 comments, and monthly posts. Now I would like to be successful like him (i think it's a him) on my blog, but if I get so discouraged and jealous on what others have I might never post again. Little things like smiley faces I find here and there are great for a start and with so much of a life I have ahead of me I should just be happy for this little blog my dad let me start in June (I think). This little face is happy and others might be sad, but I know that I am incredibly happy with what I have and with what I will accomplish.


american express commercial:

faces in places blog:

Friday, August 6, 2010

face#5: two pack juice package

That juice carton. Every time we go to Costco the orange juice is bought, always in that carton. It's a two pack with a face that was obviously there I just couldn't see it until my dad pointed it out on the day we photographed all these faces. We were going to throw it away, but then my super- creative dad keeps pointing these things out. I don't think I will ever see that face again, the company changed their packaging to a smaller, more convent packaging where there is no writing on it. It might be more eco-friendly , but the creativity is gone. I hate when company's change packaging with a face on it.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

face#4: old ripped bed

The old ripped bed is there and every night it gets used, and every week the sheets get changed, and morning my parents complain. They are always talking about how they will change their mattress. How I will get a new one too. But the thing is that my mattress isn't that bad, it just kinda hurts in the morning. Theirs is such a bad condition that they have several rips. But the only one that really caught my eye was this one.The biggest rip with their two pillows on top. Instantly I saw a face. I just had to put this up on my blog. At least now they bought new pillows and soon there will be a new mattress, but I will miss the old one. Because I will probably be the only one in the family who can see that face.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

face#3: Towels and a Bin

These two towels sit there and do give not a lot of use in basicaly the whole year. There's no sun for practically the whole year. Indoor pools are really what they end up being used for, but I don't really go in that often, maybe once twice per year. Here there is no beach that has warm enough water to swim in. After a shower we all have our own robes. So those towels just sit there and do nothing under that bin. That bin holds only one thing toilet paper. A lot of takes a long time before it gets used because of the extras behind the first roll. So all that toilet paper sits there, in that bin, on top of the towels.


Friday, June 25, 2010

face#2: Headphones

These are just a pair of head-
phones. They stay there and occasionally are used, but not so often now that we have ear buds. What difference could it make if we use headphones or ear buds. If you are walking down the street and you here someone's music playing from their I pod or whatever source they are using and everyone else did that while walking to work it would be very loud. Now you can use anyone you want ( headphones or ear buds ), but really it's a matter of style and who you are and what you want. Ear buds are used more than headphones so why even sell and make so many models? If play an instrument like the drums and you live in an apartment that you should probably move or get an electric drum ( I don't think many people would move ). Electric instruments have a small outlet so you can plug in your headphones and practice ( not your ear buds ).


Friday, June 11, 2010

face#1: Plug in

A face who looks very sad. It's just a plug in, but it could have so many stories behind it, like how it got it's expression. It's so cute, and yet it's just another thing we don't tend to see. People should really pay more attention to things like this plug in and see how much it does for us. I might be writing from a laptop, but when I'm writing this blog and I have no battery left. Without this plug in I wouldn't be able to have this blog.