Wednesday, December 29, 2010

face#10: door latch

Today I feel happy. I just got back home, Italy. I thought this one face would really express my emotions that I have here. When I arrive I feel as if I were a different person. A different me comes out the true me. The one that isn't afraid to wear glasses. The one that has a true sense of humour. I can do anything I want because I have no fear here. I don't care about anything that anyone wants to tell me good or bad, even though I do prefer the good. It feels like a dream. I can sing along to all my favourite artists (Phoenix, Death Cap for Cutie, Coldplay, Anything 80's). But yet the fantasy has to end at some point. My dads new job only lets allow 2 weeks in Italy a year, but then I need a reality check and I do notice that some people have to stay also less, I can truly see how lucky I am. I would do anything to stay, but I must go home soon. :( I honestly have my true apologies about not posting for a very long period of time, but I had some problems with Blogger and uploading the video that I wanted to share. Anyway the video link is below.