Friday, March 18, 2011

face#14: salt + pepper

Today I'm going to blog about the social class of my school that easily relates to popularity. So me and my friend went to this popular girl's birthday party. There were like 2-3 people that hanged out with the popular girl (the poplars). 5-7 people that are like wanna be popular (the outcast). And the 2-3 people that are rarely part of this popularity pyramid, (the difference). So here I am, me and my best friend are the difference. Now usually I would be complaining and whining that Im not popular, but I don't care. I enjoy being part of the difference. I can say what I want and no one cares. I can see life through my own eyes without having anyone changing my thoughts. See the face. Embrace life. You only live it once.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

face#13: candles

A 12 year old girl. Life is over for me. More like my social life. One word....make it 3. Musical Theatre Club. It tore my friendship apart. I try to talk with my 2 BFF's, they ignore me, COMPLETELY!!! It's almost like since I don't like the whole singing and dancing thing so I didn't join drama club with them, I'm not allowed to talk to them or something like that. One of my friends doesn't want to go snowboarding with me anymore and the other one is always busy doing whatever, because she refuses to tell me. And what does that let me hang out with, no one. Absolutely no one. My weekends ALONE. Anyway enough with my terrible life and onward to the face. If you have some problem seeing the face. The 2 candles are the eyes and the filling between one tile and the other would be the mouth. Trust me there will be a lot of faces like this. Well bye.