Saturday, January 29, 2011

face#12: little shower man

This that you see is the door hinge to my shower. Since I like to take hot, like boiling hot showers; the hinge is covered with steam, which makes it looks like the face is growing a beard. I recently am taking snowboard lessons for the time and things are kind of rough on all my muscles. The new semester starts Monday and Im kind of excited, but sad that I'll be losing my favourite class, TV production. It's basically animation class, which helps the realisation of my dream to be a Pixar animator. Got to go; dinner with some friends.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

face#11: a different point of view

Today I stayed home from school. I felt like I had to barf the whole time, but I didn't. My trip to Italy has basically re-balanced my life. Instead f the art becoming my nemeses, it's becoming my friend again. Maybe seeing the Picaso exhibit at the SAM might have helped with all this. Now I know this face looks posed but it isn't. If you come to my house/condo you will see that sometimes my bathroom looks like this. What makes it seem as if it were posed is it's a shot taken from a different angle, perspective, point of view. My weekend was crazy!!! My two best friends came over for a sleep over, well it didn't really start like that. See they were supposed to come so week could finish a project for TV production class, but things didn't go as planned. Instead of making a cut out animation video, we just made a mess. Then I played the piano and we all sang The Scientist by Coldplay. Later we all asked for a sleep over and we just made a whole bunch of CRAZY videos on one of my friends Flip video camera. Maybe I should upload the video to my blog. I kept a travel journal during my trip to Italy. Maybe I could add some of those entries to my blog. Who knows what I will do next. Happy 2011!!!