Friday, June 25, 2010

face#2: Headphones

These are just a pair of head-
phones. They stay there and occasionally are used, but not so often now that we have ear buds. What difference could it make if we use headphones or ear buds. If you are walking down the street and you here someone's music playing from their I pod or whatever source they are using and everyone else did that while walking to work it would be very loud. Now you can use anyone you want ( headphones or ear buds ), but really it's a matter of style and who you are and what you want. Ear buds are used more than headphones so why even sell and make so many models? If play an instrument like the drums and you live in an apartment that you should probably move or get an electric drum ( I don't think many people would move ). Electric instruments have a small outlet so you can plug in your headphones and practice ( not your ear buds ).


Friday, June 11, 2010

face#1: Plug in

A face who looks very sad. It's just a plug in, but it could have so many stories behind it, like how it got it's expression. It's so cute, and yet it's just another thing we don't tend to see. People should really pay more attention to things like this plug in and see how much it does for us. I might be writing from a laptop, but when I'm writing this blog and I have no battery left. Without this plug in I wouldn't be able to have this blog.