Sunday, July 3, 2011

face#18: old car

This picture shows my best friends car. This friend is the one who I started a seperate blog for called Katy Quotes. School is out and I know that I should feel like a bird free from its cage. But instead, I feel lonely and abandond. I learned that perfection and dreams are only perfection and dreams if you live in a moment or life where you need them. When you are in school you cannot wait until you get out, but only once you do get out, do you really feel the urge to go back and see friends. Yes, you can do camps and other activites, but only if your normal. I am not. I do not socialize and open up, let myself free, so easily. I don't camp or do things too far away from my compfort zone. In the place, world, where I live up in my mind, I am normal. Sailing is camping. Seeing and living things a little bit differently are normal up in my mind. Sailing is an escape. From all the comments and judgements about who and how I am. As the wind fill my sail, I start to move. Away, to where I want to be. Where I am normal. School is a place where I am just surrounded by people and murmurs. Nobody talks to me. It seems weird how I want to go back to a place where I feel I don't belong. I probably don't belong there if people would have to take a survey. But i would rather be surrounded by people and be talked to sometimes, then to be left alone. When fingers slip on the keys of my piano, emotions come out. Ones that I would never have the guts to show to people. This face may be smiling, but it has many flaws. Like the reddish stain, and the dust and dirt piled up in small corners and dents. We can always be smiling, but not necessarily happy. We have our imperfections. It's what makes us different and unique. We may not be proud that we might be stupid, or have glasses, or even have a disease. But that's what makes us who we are. We are cookie-cutter people, but our talents and defects are what give us a third dimension.