Saturday, January 29, 2011

face#12: little shower man

This that you see is the door hinge to my shower. Since I like to take hot, like boiling hot showers; the hinge is covered with steam, which makes it looks like the face is growing a beard. I recently am taking snowboard lessons for the time and things are kind of rough on all my muscles. The new semester starts Monday and Im kind of excited, but sad that I'll be losing my favourite class, TV production. It's basically animation class, which helps the realisation of my dream to be a Pixar animator. Got to go; dinner with some friends.



  1. I love the beard! I'm sad to lose TV production but atleast we'll have gym together! How was dinner?

  2. This is actually kind of adorable.

  3. :O Snowboarding?! That's so cool! (Sorry about the exhaustion, though)

    Your blog is cool as beans.


  4. :O Little Shower Man is GORGEOUS!

    Ha ha I like your blog :)