Monday, October 18, 2010

face#8: one eyed suitcase monster

...buying converse, posting blogs, finishing my book, eating burgers at pop. This is some suitcase I found at home, not sure where I found it or how, but I did. I love how the latch is his eye and the bamboo handle is his mouth. I hurt my feet by walking so I thought I'd use this face to show you because there is nothing that resembles walking. I can barley walk because I wore out and hurt my heel wearing too small shoes. It's not like lets go to the hospital type thing, but more like owww and you can't walk. So I'm dragging myself everywhere in the hotel room and personally I don't even know how long it took me to get up on this chair. Anyway enough about my life and more about the face. I really like this one for how it's not the typical smiley or frowney face. While , yes it is smiling it only does have ONE EYE!!!!I have one with one tooth I want to show too, maybe that will be on my next post.


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