Friday, October 8, 2010

face#6: smiley face bag

Sorry I have not posted lately, but I had some trouble getting blogger to work on my computer. This here that you see on your computer screen is a blog and a picture of a bag. A normal paper bag that you get when you buy clothes at a store outside. Now many of you might just see a bag, but my eyes see a face. A face of happiness, joyful and simple. When I saw this I immediately thought to put this on my blog, but with the whole procedure I do to my pictures from the camera to computer to photoshop to blog it takes sometime and I lately had a bad case of writers and photographers block. I had found some easy ways to get inspired like watching this american express commercial on youtube and following this blog which is very similar to mine. When I started this I felt like the only one who had thought to make a blog about hidden faces until my the day I got an e-mail from a friend to see a blog called faces in places. That's when I started to get discouraged on how he has 3,279 followers, a book that is sold on, many comments, and everyday posts, I have 1 follower, no book, and 3 comments, and monthly posts. Now I would like to be successful like him (i think it's a him) on my blog, but if I get so discouraged and jealous on what others have I might never post again. Little things like smiley faces I find here and there are great for a start and with so much of a life I have ahead of me I should just be happy for this little blog my dad let me start in June (I think). This little face is happy and others might be sad, but I know that I am incredibly happy with what I have and with what I will accomplish.


american express commercial:

faces in places blog:

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