Sunday, July 4, 2010

face#3: Towels and a Bin

These two towels sit there and do give not a lot of use in basicaly the whole year. There's no sun for practically the whole year. Indoor pools are really what they end up being used for, but I don't really go in that often, maybe once twice per year. Here there is no beach that has warm enough water to swim in. After a shower we all have our own robes. So those towels just sit there and do nothing under that bin. That bin holds only one thing toilet paper. A lot of takes a long time before it gets used because of the extras behind the first roll. So all that toilet paper sits there, in that bin, on top of the towels.



  1. Hi! I love your blog but there are a few typos.

  2. Wonderful! I love the imagination! The towels make a sort of dizzy confused spiral face. The thought of all these items having faces is just something I would never think of. You are magnifacent! Great blog m!