Sunday, April 17, 2011

face#16: Mama's new purse

I truly am sorry about everything. I have done said, and thought. This blog is where it all ends up because I can't keep it in anymore. I screw up at practically everything. I am stereotyped. People see me and think I am the one with the perfect life, money, but it's not me. Believe it or not. I'm the one with the hardest life. I am sad to announce that this might be one of my last posts before I take a blogging break because this is the last photo in my collection. See, how it works is I take one day and photograph every face I see (like blog type, not people type) and then download them to my computer, photoshop them, and then I'm set for a good 6 months to a year. This picture is of a purse my aunt made for my mom for christmas last year. I'm on spring break, and almost all my friends are in Vancouver because of Musical Theatre Club. One of my friends is in New York for a week and a half. I envy him. I go to New York every year in October. This year Im going to go in September and I can't wait. I'm going to see my friend Estelle sometime this week. She's really cool and funny. She always cracks me up. I saw my friend Elena on Friday and I slept over at her house. We went to a party at her school and this guy who I met for the first time (dude named Ben... with an awesome shirt) asked me to dance during one of the slow songs. I yelled NO in his face. It was an awesome party. There was a bubble machine, confetti cannon, smoke machine, black light, star light, lighting machine, DJ, disco ball, ect. I'm obsessed with this Australian singer named Sia. She's really good. Back to screwing up, last night we had people over for dinner and I had to make dessert many times before the cream puffs actually puffed. I miss Ellie as a friend, but I try to resist the pain. Well this is starting to become a pretty long post. So I guess I'll say one last thing. I checked all my views of my blog and I have people who viewed it from North America and Alaska. YOU ROCK ALASKA!!!!


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